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  1. A large-scale assessment of plant dispersal mode and seed traits across human-modified Amazonian forests

    Hawes, J. (Creator), Vieira, I. (Creator), Magnago, L. (Creator), Berenguer, E. (Creator), Ferreira, J. (Creator), Aragão, L. (Creator), Cardoso, A. (Creator), Lees, A. (Creator), Lennox, G. (Creator), Tobias, J. (Creator), Waldron, A. (Creator), Barlow, J. (Creator), Zenodo, 2020, 10.5061/dryad.kd51c5b2g


  2. Acoustic indices perform better when applied at ecologically meaningful time and frequency scales

    Metcalf, O. (Creator), Barlow, J. (Creator), Devenish, C. (Creator), Marsden, S. (Creator), Berenguer, E. (Creator), Lees, A. (Creator), Dryad, 2020, 10.5061/dryad.dr7sqv9wt


  3. Avifauna occurrence data from a longitudinal experiment in human-modified Amazonian forests affected by the 2015-16 El Niño drought and associated fires

    Lees, A. (Creator), Moura, N. (Creator), Machado Franca, F. (Creator), Ferreira, J. N. (Creator), Gardner, T. (Creator), De Berenguer Cesar, E. (Creator), Chesini, L. (Creator), Andertti, C. (Creator), Barlow, J. (Creator), NERC Environmental Information Data Centre, 2018, 10.5285/4b05caee-a3c8-46a7-b675-e5a94554bd9f


  4. Data from: Is environmental legislation conserving tropical stream faunas? a large-scale assessment of local, riparian and catchment-scale influences on Amazonian stream fish

    Leal, C. G. (Creator), Barlow, J. (Creator), Gardner, T. (Creator), Hughes, R. M. (Creator), Leitão, R. P. (Creator), Mac Nally, R. (Creator), Kaufmann, P. R. (Creator), Ferraz, S. F. B. (Creator), Zuanon, J. (Creator), de Paula, F. R. (Creator), Ferreira, J. (Creator), Thomson, J. R. (Creator), Lennox, G. (Creator), Dary, E. P. (Creator), Röpke, C. P. (Creator), Pompeu, P. S. (Creator), Gardner, T. (Creator), Zenodo, 2018, 10.5061/dryad.d5k7p


  5. Data from: Mesoclosures – increasing realism in mesocosm studies of ecosystem functioning

    Lähteenmäki, S. (Creator), Zhang, Y. (Creator), Hardwick, B. (Creator), Schiffler, G. (Creator), Louzada, J. (Creator), Barlow, J. (Creator), Roslin, T. (Creator), Dryad, 2016, 10.5061/dryad.4kh20


  6. Dung beetle abundance data from a before-and-after El Niño experiment in the Brazilian Amazon

    Machado Franca, F. (Creator), Oliveira, V. H. (Creator), Louzada, J. (Creator), Vaz-De-Mello, F. Z. (Creator), Ferreira, J. N. (Creator), De Berenguer Cesar, E. (Creator), Gardner, T. (Creator), Lees, A. (Creator), Barlow, J. (Creator), NERC Environmental Information Data Centre, 2019, 10.5285/799db965-3ce7-4e9b-8590-de6a8624d652


  7. Thinner bark increases sensitivity of wetter Amazonian tropical forests to fire

    Staver, A. C. (Creator), Brando, P. M. (Creator), Barlow, J. (Creator), Morton, D. C. (Creator), Paine, C. E. T. (Creator), Malhi, Y. (Creator), Araujo Murakami, A. (Creator), Pasquel, J. (Creator), Zenodo, 2020, 10.5061/dryad.tht76hdv9


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