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Dr Amina Ali

Formerly at Lancaster University

Amina Ali

Research overview

My research is concentrated around three broad areas.  First, I am interested in studying children who are at risk of experiencing developmental delays and impairments due to exposure to various health problems with a special interest in HIV, Malnutrition and Malaria. Specifically, I am interested in: a) quantifying the neurocognitive burden of early childhood diseases b) developing culturally appropriate psychological measures for use in Africa and c) Identifying culturally appropriate intervention strategies for at-risk children in SSA. Second, I am interested in examining prevalence and risk factors of neurodevelopmental disorders specifically Autism within the African context. Third, alongside collaborators from more than twenty countries, I am developing a line of  research where we investigate how various contextual factors  impact on wellbeing (mental health, life satisfaction and identity formation) of adolescents across cultural contexts.

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