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Dr Benjamin Neimark

Senior Lecturer

Benjamin Neimark

LEC Building



Tel: +44 1524 510592

Research overview

As a human geographer and political ecologist, I am passionate about exploring pathways for just socio-economic, political and ecological futures in the global south. I focus on the uneven development of the green and bio-economy. My particular geographical foci include the African countries of Madagascar, Mozambique, and Mali, although I am a lead-initiator of a global political ecology network (POLLEN). These specific countries make up a unique spectrum of biodiversity and constitute a social mosaic of urban/rural livelihoods where I study international development, labour and commodity chain analysis. I am involved in two new research projects exploring the uneven development of land-grabbing for biofuels in Madagascar and Brazilian agribusiness in Mozambique.

My previous research focuses on bioprospecting on Madagascar. Bioprospecting involves search for, and commercialization of, useful natural compounds for new pharmaceutical and industrial products.  Also in Madagascar, I have investigated strategies to improve small-scale agriculture using innovative agroforestry methods, and traditional agricultural systems. These systems can have a major effect on farmers' adoption of new livelihood alternatives. In my Master's research, I developed techniques to improve the direction and speed of domestication of threatened Malagasy forest and fruit species, in order to increase food security and provide added income.


PhD supervision

Political ecology of natural resource extraction in Africa
Neoliberal conservation and the emergent green economy
Land-grabbing and agrofuel capitalism

Research overview


POLLEN Website and twitter @PolEcoNet





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