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Bo Yeun Lee

Research Associate - Prosperity, Research Student

Bo Yeun Lee

Research overview

My research interests cover: design research, design strategy, service design, design for IoT, value creation for IoT, value creation through design, and design policy. 

Career Details

After having a wide range of public and commercial experience across sectors as a service designer, I have started design PhD for PETRAS at Lancaster University.

Thesis Outline

My PhD study aims to develop guidelines on New Product Development processes for Internet of Things products and services which aims to increase organisational value and turnover. It will contribute to not only academia, but also manufacturing and service industries better understanding how value should be created through design and development process in order to embrace new market opportunities.

Research Grants

The study is being carried with the support of scholarship fundings: by EPSRC under the PETRAS project; and RADMA doctoral studies award.

Supervised By

Prof. Rachel Cooper OBE, Prof. Paul Coulton, and Dr. David Hands

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