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Dr Dermot O'Reilly

Senior Lecturer in Management Learning and Leadership

Lancaster University

Charles Carter Building



Tel: +44 1524 510937

Current Teaching

Programme Director, MA in Human Resources and Consulting

Lecturer and tutor on MNGT320 - Rethinking Leadership

Module convenor of the 'Consulting and Organisational Diagnosis' Module on the MA in HR and Consulting



Research Interests

My research interests revolve around critical perspectives on co-ordination and conflict, with a particular focus on alternative modes of leadership, organizing and learning. At the core of this intellectual endeavour is an interest in the dialectical processes, moments and relations that comprise co-ordination and conflict, in particular the cultural, political and economic processes and relations that create, enable and constrain co-ordination and conflict (for example, in relation to cultural processes – ideation, imaginaries, discourses, norms and modes of valuing; political processes - legitimation, authority and dispute; economic processes – reproduction, redistribution and capitals).

My research is informed by critical theory and critical realism. 

Web Links

I am involved in organizing an ESRC seminar series on 'Collaborative Housing and Community Resilience'. More information can be found on this link: 


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