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Dr Erik Jacobi

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Erik Jacobi


I was born in Germany in 1986 and moved to England in 2003 where I completed the International Baccalaureate at Oakham School.  I hold a BA in Economics and Philosophy from the University of Nottingham and an MSc in Management and Marketing from Lancaster University.  Prior to starting my PhD, I worked in Market Research, Marketing and Sales within the cosmetics industry in Germany and France.  I submitted my PhD, supervised by Dr James Freund and Professor Luis Araujo, at the end of March and am currently awaiting my viva.

Research overview

My research interest focuses on the role and nature of mediation between various actors in the market-making process.  Aside from my thesis, which investigates the role of account planners as mediators in the cultural economy, I also work with Dr James Freund to explore, using a brand-psychoanalytic approach, how brand images and meanings are negotiated between corporations and their various stakeholders.

Thesis Title

Exploring the Nature of the Cultural Economy: An Ethnography of the Mediation Work of Advertising Planners

Thesis Outline

I conducted a 7-month ethnography in the account planning department of a London advertising agency to explore how account planners act as mediators between various actors with diverse orders of worth in the creative advertising development process.

My PhD is supervised by Dr James Freund and Professor Luis Araujo.  I submitted my thesis at the end of March and am currently awaiting my viva.

Supervised By

Dr James Freund and Professor Luis Araujo

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