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Dr James Freund


James Freund

Lancaster University

Charles Carter Building



Tel: +44 1524 510984

PhD supervision

I would be happy to supervise thoughtful research projects connected with the psychology of markets and sustainability. My current PhD Researcher and co-author, Jiahui Zhao, is studying the psychology of sustainability in connection with veganism and meat-eating. My former PhD Researcher and co-author, Dr. Erik Jacobi, is now a Lecturer at Essex University.

Research Interests

I research Earth-human relations, i.e. how and why the actions and worldviews of human organizations and individuals influence the state of the Earth, and vice versa.

These relationships are changing rapidly as organizations and markets continue to grow and integrate globally, and as the impact of humans on the biosphere accumulates, resulting in the onset of a new geophysical time period - the Anthropocene.

I conduct detailed case studies of key institutions and organizations. The image presented by an organization is often dramatically different to images of it created by critics of that organization. Analysis of these image conflicts helps us understand how to make interactions between people, organizations and the biosphere more sustainable.

This trans-disciplinary research combines ontology, Terror Management Theory and the psychodynamics of power.


BSc Psychology (Hull), MA Creative Writing (Lancaster), PhD Creative Writing (Lancaster)


I previously worked for civil society organizations Earth 2000 and Greenpeace, Titanium International, BT and FCB.

In my life as a practitioner, I worked on many initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of organizations and citizens.

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