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Dr Fernando Espirito-Santo

Formerly at Lancaster University

Research overview

My primary research focus is to understand tropical forest structure and function over the Amazon region.  I have been examining tropical forest disturbances from natural (tree mortality, blow-downs, and droughts) to anthropogenic processes (deforestation, selective logging and fires) using remote sensing technologies, ecological models and long-term ecological experiments.  Over the past years I have been working with NASA, JPL and the Brazilian Space Agency (INPE) and using their remote sensing data (airborne LiDAR, Radar and Optical multi-satellite sensors) to understand forest response to multiple environmental stressors as well land-use processes.  More recently I have been collaborating with the RAINFOR Network (University of Leeds and Oxford), EMBRAPA (Campinas, Brazil) and INPA (Manaus, Brazil) to quantify terrestrial carbon budget for South America undisturbed tropical forests. 

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