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Dr Lesley Dunleavy

Senior Research Associate

  1. Adaptation and multicentre validation of a patient-centred outcome scale for people severely ill with COVID (IPOS-COV)

    Hocaoglu, M. B. (Creator), Murtagh, F. E. M. (Creator), Walshe, C. (Creator), Chambers, R. L. (Creator), Maddocks, M. (Creator), Sleeman, K. E. (Creator), Oluyase, A. O. (Creator), Dunleavy, L. (Creator), Bradshaw, A. (Creator), Bajwah, S. (Creator), Fraser, L. K. (Creator), Preston, N. (Creator), Higginson, I. J. (Creator), Figshare, 2023, 10.6084/m9.figshare.c.6591400.v1


  2. Deathbed Etiquette – The Guide: A Qualitative Study Exploring the Views of Practitioners on its Introduction into End-of-Life Care Settings

    Kragh-Furbo, M. (Creator), French, M. (Creator), Dunleavy, L. (Creator), Hancock, S. (Creator), Sanders, K. (Creator), Doherty, M. (Creator), Gadoud, A. (Creator), SAGE Journals, 2023, 10.25384/sage.c.6438596.v1


  3. Healthcare use and healthcare costs for patients with advanced cancer; the international ACTION cluster-randomised trial on advance care planning

    Korfage, I. J. (Creator), Polinder, S. (Creator), Preston, N. (Creator), van Delden, J. J. (Creator), Geraerds, S. (. (Creator), Dunleavy, L. (Creator), Faes, K. (Creator), Miccinesi, G. (Creator), Carreras, G. (Creator), Moeller Arnfeldt, C. (Creator), Kars, M. C. (Creator), Lippi, G. (Creator), Lunder, U. (Creator), Mateus, C. (Creator), Pollock, K. (Creator), Deliens, L. (Creator), Groenvold, M. (Creator), van der Heide, A. (Creator), Rietjens, J. A. (Creator), SAGE Journals, 2022, 10.25384/sage.c.6345976


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