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Dr Muhammad Munir

Lecturer in Biomedicine

Muhammad Munir

Furness Building B69



Tel: +44 1524 595083

PhD supervision

Following projects are on offer: 1. Epigenetic Regulation of Viruses. 2. Roles of Interferon Regulated Genes in the Pathobiology of Influenza Virus. 3. Proteomic Approaches in Understanding Viral Antagonism of Host Responses

Research Interests

I am virologist with research experience on virus pathobiology, viral antagonism of immune responses and host factors that limit virus replication. Research in my laboratory focuses on understanding molecular mechanisms of inter-species pathogenesis of viruses (i.e., zoonotic viruses). Specifically, using influenza viruses and coronaviruses (e.g., SARS-CoV-2, causative agent of CoVID-19), my research aims to explore host and viral RNA biology (sensing – interferon responses, epigenetics and gene regulation) and define structural and functional differences in human and animals (e.g., birds and bats), which determine the transmission dynamics of animal viruses to human.

I also study differential virus pathobology, diagnosis and vaccine developments against viruses in different animal hosts with special focus on Newcastle disease virus, a paramyxovirus causing enormous economic losses in the poultry, well-characterized vaccine vector and carrying excellent oncolytic properties. More information on this virus.

My laboratory is funded by the BBSRC, British Council, Newton Fund, and Industry, and is equipped with CL3 facilities, holding avian viruses bank, chicken eggs facilities and expanding to establish vaccine vectors bank.

Current Research

Current Teaching

I currently teach first and second year students on Biol121: Impacts of Microbes, Biol122: Infection and Immunity. Module Organizer for Biol435: Microbes and Disease. Supervise practicals for Biol122 and third year student on Biol387 Projects, and master students.

PhD Supervision Interests

I can offer PhD and MSc research projects on either molecular mechanisms of virus pathogenesis or host responses against viruses.

Please contact me for further details.

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