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Stephen Holt

Formerly at Lancaster University

Stephen Holt


I joined the University on 16th January 1989 working for the Particle Physics Research Group and the Physics Department Electronics Workshop. My work took me to CERN Switzerland were I worked on ALEPH particle accelerator and Desy H1 particle accelerator Hamburg Germany. I have continued particle physics detector development work here at Lancaster participating in the ATLAS project.

In 1998 I became head of the Physics Electronics Workshop. My responsibilities include supervising the day to day running of the Electronics Workshop facility which provides a comprehensive service to the Department. I design, develop and construct electronic circuitry and equipment for both teaching and research groups within the Department. I also maintain, repair and service a wide and varied range of electronic equipment and instrumentation.

In 2012 I was awarded an “Outstanding Contribution Award” by Lancaster University in recognition of my design work and collaboration with an international college to design and manufacture “state of the art” electronic devices for the exploration of new areas of Physics.

In January 2014 I completed 25 years’ service to Lancaster University. I work in the Electronics Workshop with John Statter, Ashley Wilson and Lucy Wilson

When I am not at work I enjoy road cycling, reading, DIY, gardening and helping fund raising for my local scouts group.

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