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Little Researchers

Project: Research


This project aims to support school children in developing their sustainability literacy through research workshops and skills development. Groups of children will choose an area of their interest from the key 5 elements of the Morecambe Bay Curriculum ( land, air, water, community, economy) to research, supported by Lancaster University student ambassadors and an outdoors education specialist Alex Hall, embedding a relational environmental education approaches and methodology, that brings together the work developed by the PI and the team. The project asks the following questions:

1. How does a place-based approach to teaching research skills to pupils support their understanding of sustainability and the Morecambe Bay Curriculum?
2. What are pupils'/students'/teachers' participation experiences?
What are the benefits and challenges to their participation and participatory research methods?
3. Does the participatory, children-led approach that we applied help young people become researchers and in what way?

What we are hoping to find at the end/ basis of research:
- How place based approach to learning supports understanding of sustainability.
- How participatory methods and children 'being researchers' work by children deciding their own research questions and ways of inquiry aid their participation and their learning.
- Understanding and evaluating children's experiences of participation.

The project embed the expertise by the outdoors education specialists Alex Hall and Louise Andrews.
Effective start/end date1/02/231/08/23