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Lisa Butler

Biological Science Technician

Lisa Butler

Furness Building



My Role

I have been Biological Sciences Technician for BLS since January 2018. I manage and provide technical assistance for the cell culture laboratories, the Containment Level 3 laboratories and the insectaries for sand fly and drosophila.


Career Details

Previous experience consists of assisting academic research as Research Technician at the University of Manchester with cell culture, hybridoma generation, immunofluorescence microscopy, TEM immuno-gold staining of virus-like particles, embedding and serial sections of cells and microorganisms. I also obtained an MRes studying centriole duplication and maturation.

I then worked for 15 years in the bio-therapeutic industry at Celltech/UCB and MRC Technology/Life Arc. I generated antibodies with hybridoma, phage display and selected B cells using ELISA based assays, liquid handling robotics and high-throughput screening. I used random and site-directed mutagenesis methods to generate affinity maturation libraries for selection by phage display.

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