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Lisa Butler

Biological Science Technician

Lisa Butler

Furness Building



Research overview

I worked at the University of Manchester for 7 years assisting academic research with cell culture (hybridoma), immunofluorescence microscopy, TEM immuno-gold staining and serial sections. I also obtained an MRes studying centriole duplication and maturation.

I then worked for 15 years in the bio-therapeutic industry at Celltech/UCB and MRC Technology/Life Arc. I generated antibodies with hybridoma, phage display and selected B cells using ELISA based assays and liquid handling robotics in high-throughput screening. I used random and site-directed mutagenesis methods to generate affinity maturation libraries for selection by phage display.

I started at Lancaster University in January 2018. I manage and provide technical assistance for the insectaries (sand fly and drosophila) and cell culture suites.

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