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Josiane Fernandes

Lecturer in Marketing, Research Student

Josiane Fernandes

Charles Carter Building



Office Hours:

Wednesdays, 1-2pm, C28, Charles Carter

Research overview

I'm interested in how and why markets work the way they do and I'm keen to explore ways in which they can be made to work differently. 

Currently, my research explores how micro-entrepreneurs in Brazilian favelas manage to engage in economic activity amidst stigmatisation, violence and poverty. From an Actor-Network Theory (ANT)/Market Studies perspective, I analyse how a market for favela tourism is sustained. After spenfing months in Rio's largest favela - Rocinha - a central point of this case is the role of social media and other digital technologies as a tool for local entrepreneurs. In the digital, entrepreneurs work to make a market of the favela space and use online pages and apps to fight stigmatised perceptions of the favela and its residents.


Current Teaching

2019/20 - MKTG301 - Stratetgic Marketing

2020 - MKTG303 - Global Marketing

2019/20 MKTG329 - Business to Business Marketing

2019-20 MKTG101 - Introduction to Marketing

Research Grants

CAPES Scholarship (Brazil)

LUMS Scholarship 

LUMS Conference Grant

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