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Professor Stephan Onggo

Formerly at Lancaster University

Research overview

His research interests are in the areas of simulation modelling methods (discrete-event simulation and agent-based simulation), conceptual modelling, test-driven simulation, simulation data collection and simulation applications (healthcare, public sector, supply-chain).

PhD supervision

I am willing to supervise doctoral students in the following areas: 1. Research related to improving the practice of simulation modelling methods (agent-based simulation, discrete-event simulation, hybrid simulation) 2. Behavioural simulation (to understand how modellers build a simulation model, or how users use a simulation model for decision making) 3. Social science simulation (evaluating and generating theories in social science, such as risk perception and collaborations) 4. Research related to conceptual modelling in simulation Topic areas related to the applications of simulation would be considered

Research Grants

  1. The British Council Second City Award (2015)
  2. The British Council Research Link Award (2014). Achieving sustainable and self-sufficient food security in the Indonesian’s beef industry: A public policy analysis using Agent-Based Modelling and Group Model Building.
  3. Technology Strategy Board's Knowledge Transfer Partnership (2010). Requirement analysis for asset management support system at the Enterprise Plc.
  4. The Royal Society's International Joint Project (2010). Parallel simulation for policy analysis.
  5. The British Council's Exchange Award (2007). A generic Interlock Simulation framework for multi-scale simulation modelling.
  6. The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation (2006). A multi-scale economic simulation modelling using the Macro-Micro Interlock Simulation algorithm

Business and Enterprise

A number of consultation projects that I have done for external organisations include:

  1. Graham Engineering (April 2013  – September 2013), Simulation of manufacturing process
  2. National Nuclear Lab (Oct 2011 – March 2013), Nuclear Reprocessing: HLA and Metamodeling Approach
  3. European Commission (Dec 2006 – May 2007), Directorate-General Personnel and Administration, Simulation of Career Development in the European Commission
  4. Greater Manchester Police (Dec 2006 – Apr 2007), Studies of call handling and police response

Current Teaching

  • Computer Simulation
  • Business Modelling and Simulation
  • Foundation of Business Analytics
  • C++ Programming
  • VBA Programming

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