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Terahertz aperture SNOM mapping of metamaterial coupled resonators

Research output: Contribution to conference - Without ISBN/ISSN Conference paperpeer-review

  • N.W. Almond
  • R. Hermans
  • L.L. Hale
  • S.J. Kindness
  • W. Michailow
  • B. Wei
  • X. Romain
  • S. Ye
  • R. Young
  • R. Degl'Innocenti
  • H.E. Beere
  • D.A. Ritchie
  • O. Mitrofanov
  • Engheta N.
  • Noginov M.A. (Editor)
  • Zheludev N.I. (Editor)
  • The Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE)
Publication date20/08/2020
<mark>Original language</mark>English
EventMetamaterials, Metadevices, and Metasystems 2020 - Online, California, United States
Duration: 20/08/202020/08/2020


ConferenceMetamaterials, Metadevices, and Metasystems 2020
Country/TerritoryUnited States


Metamaterials have emerged as the basis of a novel optoelectronic platform operating in the terahertz (THz) range, due to their versatility and strong light-matter interaction. The necessary design of efficient modulators and detectors requires a detailed investigation of metamaterial resonances and their interplay with an active medium, e.g. graphene. An aperture-SNOM (a-SNOM) system based on picosecond THz pulses was used to investigate the spectral characteristics of a set of lithographically tuned metamaterial coupled resonators. This approach allowed the mapping of the supported E-field of each resonator a few microns from the device plane, yielding bonding and antibonding modes reminiscent of electromagnetic induced transparency. © COPYRIGHT SPIE. Downloading of the abstract is permitted for personal use only.

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Conference code: 162897 Export Date: 14 October 2020 CODEN: PSISD Correspondence Address: Almond, N.W.; Cavendish Laboratory,University of Cambridge, J J Thomson Avenue, United Kingdom; email: na470@cam.ac.uk Funding details: Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, EPSRC, EP/S019383/1, EP/P021859/1 Funding text 1: The authors acknowledge EPSRC funding within the Hyperterahertz grant, number EP/P021859/1, Jonathan P. Griffiths and Thomas A. Mitchell for help with electron beam lithography. R.D. acknowledges support from the EPSRC (Grant No EP/S019383/1). References: Li, Y., Tantiwanichapan, K., Swan, A.K., Paiella, R., Graphene plasmonic devices for terahertz optoelectronics (2020) Nanophotonics, 9 (7), pp. 1901-1920; Low, T., Avouris, P., Graphene plasmonics for terahertz to mid-infrared applications (2014) Acs Nano, 8 (2), pp. 1086-1101. , PMID: 24484181; Shi, J., Li, Z., Sang, D.K., Xiang, Y., Li, J., Zhang, S., Zhang, H., Thz photonics in two dimensional materials and metamaterials: Properties, devices and prospects (2018) J. Mater. Chem. C, 6, pp. 1291-1306; Dhillon, S.S., Vitiello, M.S., Linfield, E.H., Davies, A.G., Hoffmann, M.C., Booske, J., Paoloni, C., Johnston, M.B., The 2017 terahertz science and technology roadmap (2017) Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 50, p. 043001. , Jan; Degl'Innocenti, R., Wallis, R., Wei, B., Xiao, L., Kindness, S.J., Mitrofanov, O., Braeuninger-Weimer, P., Ritchie, D.A., Terahertz nanoscopy of plasmonic resonances with a quantum cascade laser (2017) Acs Photonics, 4 (9), pp. 2150-2157; Mitrofanov, O., Lee, M., Hsu, J.W.P., Brener, I., Harel, R., Federici, J.F., Wynn, J.D., West, K.W., Collection-mode near-field imaging with 0.5-thz pulses (2001) Ieee Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 7 (4), pp. 600-607; Hale, L.L., Keller, J., Siday, T., Hermans, R.I., Haase, J., Reno, J.L., Brener, I., Mitrofanov, O., Noninvasive near-field spectroscopy of single subwavelength complementary resonators (2020) Laser & Photonics Reviews, 14 (4), p. 1900254; Chen, C.-Y., Un, I.-W., Tai, N.-H., Yen, T.-J., Asymmetric coupling between subradiant and superradiant plasmonic resonances and its enhanced sensing performance Opt. Express, 17, pp. 15372-15380. , http://www.opticsexpress.org/abstract.cfm?URI=oe-17-17-15372; Kindness, S.J., Almond, N.W., Wei, B., Wallis, R., Michailow, W., Kamboj, V.S., Braeuninger-Weimer, P., Degl'Innocenti, R., Active control of electromagnetically induced transparency in a terahertz metamaterial array with graphene for continuous resonance frequency tuning (2018) Advanced Optical Materials, 6 (21), p. 1800570