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Organic Research Group

  1. 2023
  2. Chemistry (Organisational unit)

    Maria Paz Munoz-Herranz (Chair), John Hardy (Member), Verena Gortz (Member), John Griffin (Member), Nicholas Evans (Member), Katharine Price Edwards (Member), Pam Pickles (Member), Martin Gilmore (Member), Steve Fish (Member), Dhruv Trivedi (Member), Sam Hill (Member), Steve Brough (Member), John Barratt (Member), James Sherrington (Member), Nathan Allock (Member), Anton Rajakarier (Member), Hannah Pears (Member), Ann-Marie Etherington (Member), Nikki Cosgrove (Member), Rosalinda Gioia (Member), Emma Miller (Member) & Anna Vitores (Member)

    11/10/2023 → …

    Activity: Membership typesMember of Advisory Panel

  3. Launch event for the MChem (with Industrial Placement) degree at Lancaster University

    Maria Paz Munoz-Herranz (Chair), Martin Gilmore (Participant), Pam Pickles (Speaker), Katharine Price Edwards (Speaker), Nicholas Evans (Speaker), Mike Nunn (Speaker), Dave Evans (Speaker), Phil Elves (Speaker), John Barratt (Speaker), Richard Brown (Speaker), James Sherrington (Speaker), Delia Brustur (Speaker), Thomas Benson (Speaker), Hannah Pears (Participant), John Hardy (Participant), Jonathan Ward (Participant), John Fielden (Participant), Sophie Merrix (Participant), Jamie Docherty (Participant), Julien Doulcet (Participant), Verena Gortz (Participant), Michael Peach (Participant), Ann-Marie Etherington (Participant), Nikki Cosgrove (Participant), Steve Brough (Participant), Nathan Allock (Participant), Anton Rajakarier (Participant), Rosalinda Gioia (Participant), Emma Miller (Participant), Sam Hill (Participant), Dhruv Trivedi (Participant), Steve Fish (Participant) & Anna Vitores (Participant)


    Activity: Participating in or organising an event typesOther

  4. Oil & Colour Chemists’ Association

    John Hardy (Participant), Verena Gortz (Participant), Pam Pickles (Participant), Ann-Marie Etherington (Participant) & Nikki Cosgrove (Participant)


    Activity: Other activity typesTypes of Business and Community - Hosting of external, non-academic visitor

  5. PhD viva - internal examiner

    Maria Paz Munoz-Herranz (Examiner)


    Activity: Examination typesExamination

  6. Bis(pyridyl)allenes as Versatile Ligands for Novel Metal Complexes

    Maria Paz Munoz-Herranz (Speaker)


    Activity: Talk or presentation typesInvited talk

  7. Interview Panel for PDRA post in Engineering department at LU

    Maria Paz Munoz-Herranz (Consultant)


    Activity: Consultancy typesConsultancy

  8. PhD international report

    Maria Paz Munoz-Herranz (Examiner)


    Activity: Examination typesExamination

  9. Grant reviewing

    Maria Paz Munoz-Herranz (Consultant)


    Activity: Consultancy typesExpert Opinion

  10. Poster presentation

    Maria Paz Munoz-Herranz (Speaker)


    Activity: Other activity typesOther

  11. Unravelling the secrets of metal-allene chemistry and beyond:chemistry in action for sustainable development

    Maria Paz Munoz-Herranz (Speaker)


    Activity: Talk or presentation typesPublic Lecture/ Debate/Seminar

  12. Viewing the Mechanical Bond through the Looking Glass: Chiral Interlocked Molecules

    Nicholas Evans (Speaker)


    Activity: Talk or presentation typesOral presentation

  13. International PhD examination

    Maria Paz Munoz-Herranz (Examiner)


    Activity: Examination typesExamination

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