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Dr Claire Hardy

Senior Lecturer in Organisational Health and Well Being, Lecturer in Organisational Health and Well Being

  1. Effective delivery of occupational safety and health services: Promoting safety and health as a universal fundamental right at work

    Greasley, K. (Co-Investigator), Hardy, C. (Co-Investigator), Giga, S. (Co-Investigator) & Leka, S. (Principal Investigator)

    The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH)


    Project: Research

  2. Barriers to Health Research at Blackpool Council - developing potential solutions using consensus methodology

    Logue, J. (Principal Investigator), Hardy, C. (Co-Investigator), Knight, J. (Co-Investigator) & Isba, R. (Co-Investigator)

    NIHR - Co-ordinating Centre for Research Capacity Development


    Project: Research

  3. The impact of COVID-19 in oncology - burnout and wellbeing

    Hardy, C. (Principal Investigator)

    Royal Marsden Cancer Charity


    Project: Research

  4. The prevalance & impact of migraine in Portugal

    Allen, A. (Principal Investigator), Mateus, C. (Co-Investigator) & Hardy, C. (Co-Investigator)

    Novartis International AG


    Project: Research

  5. Together an Active Future Evaluation

    Holland, C. (Principal Investigator), Hardy, C. (Co-Investigator) & Bampouras, T. (Co-Investigator)

    Sport England


    Project: Research

  6. Continuity to Together an Active Future

    Hardy, C. (Co-Investigator), Bampouras, T. (Co-Investigator) & Holland, C. (Principal Investigator)

    Sport England


    Project: Research

  7. Together an Active Future

    Cruickshank, L. (Co-Investigator), Helal, S. (Co-Investigator), Swainson, M. (Co-Investigator), Atanasova, D. (Co-Investigator), Latham, Y. (Co-Investigator), Janke, K. (Co-Investigator), Bampouras, T. (Co-Investigator), Simmill-Binning, C. (Co-Investigator), Mateus, C. (Co-Investigator), Hardy, C. (Co-Investigator), Ellis, D. (Co-Investigator), Moore, A. (Co-Investigator), Holland, C. (Principal Investigator), Simmill-Binning, C. (Co-Investigator) & Coupe, G. (Team Member)

    Sport England


    Project: Research

  8. Line manager perspectives on staff with premenstrual difficulties

    Hardy, C. (Principal Investigator)



    Project: Research

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