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Dr Marion Walker

Formerly at Lancaster University

  1. Up2uni

    Houghton, A., Dempster, S., Marsden, R. & Walker, M.


    Project: Other

  2. Students Careers and Alumni Experiences

    Whyatt, D., Clark, G., Thompson, L., Walker, M. & Marsden, R.


    Project: Other

  3. Aiming4uni in Furness

    Houghton, A., Walker, M. & Whytock, S.


    Project: Other

  4. Exploring and Expanding the Student Experience

    Thompson, L., Whyatt, D., Walker, M. & Clark, G.


    Project: Research

  5. Children, flood and urban resilience: Children, flood and urban resilience

    Medd, W., Walker, M., Whittle, R., Burningham, K., Moran Ellis, J. & Tapsell, S.

    1/03/09 → …

    Project: Research

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