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Professor Oliver Wild FRMetS


  1. DN424739 - CA19-1 Urban outdoor air quality modelling

    Wild, O.

    Met Office


    Project: Research

  2. ACCMIP: Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate Model Intercomparison Project

    Lamarque, J., Shindell, D. T., Young, P., Wild, O., Stevenson, D. & Collins, W. J.

    20/06/09 → …

    Project: Research

  3. HTAP: Hemispheric Transport of Air Pollution

    Keating, T. J., Zuber, A., Dentener, F. J., Wild, O., Fiore, A. M., Schultz, M., Shindell, D. T., Collins, W. J., Hess, P., Duncan, B. N., Szopa, S., Jonson, J. E. & Carmichael, G. R.

    1/01/04 → …

    Project: Research

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