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Professor Celia Roberts

Formerly at Lancaster University

  1. ITEMS - Identifying Trends in European Medical Space

    Mort, M. (Team Member), Roberts, C. (Co-Investigator), Milligan, C. (Co-Investigator), Welshman, J. (Co-Investigator) & Goodwin, D. (Researcher)


    Project: Other

  2. Healthcare at home? New technologies and responsibilities across diverse EU systems and cultures

    Mort, M. (Co-Investigator), Roberts, C. (Co-Investigator) & Milligan, C. (Co-Investigator)


    Project: Other

  3. FP7: Prescriptive Prescriptions: Pharmaceuticals and Healthy Subjectivities

    Johnson, E. (Project Manager), Roberts, C. (Principal Investigator), Hanbury, A. (PhD Student) & Asberg, C. (Team Member)

    European Commission


    Project: Research

  4. Living Data: Making sense of health biosensors

    Roberts, C. (Principal Investigator), MacKenzie, A. (Co-Investigator), Mort, M. (Co-Investigator), Mort, M. (Co-Investigator), Wilkinson, J. (PhD Student) & Furbo, M. (PhD Student)

    Intel Corporation Ltd


    Project: Research

  5. FP7: EPOK

    Roberts, C. (Principal Investigator) & Tyler, I. (Co-Investigator)

    European Commission


    Project: Research

  6. ESRC Studentship for Rebecca Fish ES/H037594/1

    Fish, R. (PhD Student), Thomas, C. (Principal Investigator) & Roberts, C. (Principal Investigator)


    Project: Research

  7. FP7: EFFORT

    Mort, M. (Principal Investigator), Mort, M. (Principal Investigator), Milligan, C. (Co-Investigator), Milligan, C. (Co-Investigator), Milligan, C. (Co-Investigator) & Roberts, C. (Co-Investigator)


    Project: Research

  8. Early Onset Puberty

    Roberts, C. (Principal Investigator)


    Project: Research

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