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DisTex - Discourse and Text Research Group

  1. Together an Active Future

    Cruickshank, L. (Co-Investigator), Helal, S. (Co-Investigator), Swainson, M. (Co-Investigator), Atanasova, D. (Co-Investigator), Latham, Y. (Co-Investigator), Janke, K. (Co-Investigator), Bampouras, T. (Co-Investigator), Simmill-Binning, C. (Co-Investigator), Mateus, C. (Co-Investigator), Hardy, C. (Co-Investigator), Ellis, D. (Co-Investigator), Moore, A. (Co-Investigator), Holland, C. (Principal Investigator), Simmill-Binning, C. (Co-Investigator) & Coupe, G. (Team Member)

    Sport England


    Project: Research

  2. CASS ESRC Transition Funding

    Semino, E. (Principal Investigator), Baker, P. (Co-Investigator), Brezina, V. (Co-Investigator), Gablasova, D. (Co-Investigator), Atanasova, D. (Co-Investigator), Cain, K. (Co-Investigator), Germond, B. (Co-Investigator), Hardaker, C. (Co-Investigator), Williams, G. (Co-Investigator) & Young, S. (Co-Investigator)



    Project: Research

  3. Beyond the checkbox – understanding what patients say in feedback on NHS services

    Brookes, G. (Research Associate) & Baker, P. (Principal Investigator)


    Project: Other

  4. PRORP: Political Resistance Online Research Project

    Unger, J. (Principal Investigator)

    1/03/11 → …

    Project: Other

  5. Encyclopaedia of Shakespeare's Language

    Culpeper, J. (Principal Investigator), Culpeper, J. (Principal Investigator), Findlay, A. (Co-Investigator), Hardie, A. (Co-Investigator), Rayson, P. (Co-Investigator), Demmen, J. (Research Associate) & Murphy, S. (Research Associate)



    Project: Research

  6. Study on comprehensive policy review of anti-trafficking projects funded by the European Commission

    Walby, S. (Principal Investigator), Fish, A. (Co-Investigator), Fish, A. (Co-Investigator), Fish, A. (Co-Investigator), Francis, B. (Co-Investigator), Hardaker, C. (Co-Investigator), May-Chahal, C. (Co-Investigator), Kelly, E. (Co-Investigator) & Rashid, A. (Co-Investigator)


    Project: Research

  7. Literacy development with deaf communities using sign language, peer tuition, and learner-generated online content: sustainable educational innovation

    Gillen, J. (Principal Investigator), Papen, U. (Co-Investigator), Tusting, K. (Co-Investigator) & Zeshan, U. (Co-Investigator)



    Project: Research

  8. Big data media analysis and the representation of urban violence in Brazil

    Semino, E. (Principal Investigator) & Dayrell Gomes Da Costa, C. (Researcher)



    Project: Research

  9. Translating science for young people

    Semino, E. (Principal Investigator)



    Project: Research

  10. "People", "Products", "Pests" and "Pets": the Discursive Representation of Animals?

    Sealey, A. (Principal Investigator)

    The Leverhulme Trust


    Project: Research

  11. ESRC centre for Corpus Approaches to Social Science - CASS

    Semino, E. (Principal Investigator), Cain, K. (Co-Investigator), Culpeper, J. (Co-Investigator), Culpeper, J. (Co-Investigator), Culpeper, J. (Co-Investigator), Diggle, P. (Co-Investigator), Gregory, I. (Co-Investigator), Hardie, A. (Co-Investigator), Iganski, P. (Co-Investigator), Iganski, P. (Co-Investigator), Ram-Prasad, C. (Co-Investigator), Rayson, P. (Co-Investigator), Urry, J. (Co-Investigator), Germond, B. (Researcher), Baker, P. (Principal Investigator), Young, S. (Co-Investigator), Dunn, N. (Co-Investigator), Berridge, D. (Co-Investigator), McEnery, T. (Co-Investigator), McEnery, T. (Co-Investigator) & Baker, P. (Co-Investigator)



    Project: Research

  12. The Author and the world: New interdisciplinary approaches to authorship

    Braun, R. (Principal Investigator), Fiddler, A. (Co-Investigator), Mort, G. (Researcher), Unger, J. (Researcher), Grass, D. (Researcher), Crawshaw, R. (Researcher) & Spiers, E. (Researcher)



    Project: Research

  13. CREME @ Lancaster: Corpus Research in Early Modern English

    Pumfrey, S. (Principal Investigator), Rayson, P. (Principal Investigator), Hardie, A. (Principal Investigator), Baron, A. (Principal Investigator), Findlay, A. (Principal Investigator), Oakley-Brown, L. (Principal Investigator), Culpeper, J. (Principal Investigator), Gregory, I. (Principal Investigator) & Tadmor, N. (Principal Investigator)

    1/10/11 → …

    Project: Research

  14. Using a semantic annotation tool for research on metaphor in discourse

    Semino, E. (Co-Investigator), Hardie, A. (Co-Investigator), Koller, V. (Co-Investigator) & Rayson, P. (Co-Investigator)

    1/12/05 → …

    Project: Research

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