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  1. FORTE: DSI: FORest CiTizenship for disaster rEsilence: learning from COVID-19 (FORTE)

    Parry, L., Fraser, J., Souza Santos, A., Martins, R., Newton, P., Lotta, G., Fonseca-Morello, T., Barberia, L., Scanlan Lyons, C., Torres, M., Orellana, J. D. Y., di Giulio, G., Rivero, S., Jacaúna, T., Paiva, M., Fernandes, D. & Machado, D.



    Project: Research

  2. Loa loa prevalence and post-validation surveillance modelling (part III)

    Diggle, P. & Giorgi, E.

    Task Force for Global Health


    Project: Research

  3. Modelling of the Spatial Distribution of HCV Infection in the Liver

    Taylor, B.

    National Institutes of Health USA


    Project: Research

  4. BioTM Project

    Knight, J., Rayson, P., El-Haj, M. & Menadue, S.


    Project: Research

  5. DSI: GEM: translational software for outbreak analysis

    Jewell, C. & Neal, P.

    The Wellcome Trust


    Project: Research

  6. The role of NSMCE2-dependent SUMO modification in the replication stress response

    Urbaniak, M. & Taylor, E.

    North West Cancer Research Fund


    Project: Research

  7. Visualising wearable data with new media

    Ellis, D.



    Project: Research

  8. Technical support to provide malaria risk maps (continuous and by administrative areas) for Tanzania and Mali

    Giorgi, E.

    Department for International Development (DFID)


    Project: Research

  9. Online Recovery Toolkit

    Jones, S.

    Silvercloud Health Limited


    Project: Research

  10. A national service development survey of Foundation doctors' medical ethics and law training

    Machin, L., Corfield, L., Lavelle, C., Latcham, N. & Williams, R.


    Project: Other

  11. SODA Plus: Realizing Data Together: SODA Plus: Realizing Data Together

    Lujan Escalante, M. A., Buscher, M. & Tsekleves, E.

    European Commission


    Project: Research

  12. PACT: Peer support to maintain psychological wellbeing in people with advanced cancer: A feasibility study for a Randomised Controlled Trial.

    Walshe, C., Grande, G., Lloyd-Williams, M., Skevington, S., Calman, L., Appleton, L., Large, P., Perez Algorta, G. & Roberts, D.

    National Institute for Health Research


    Project: Research

  13. Proto-Policy: Proto-Policy

    Tsekleves, E.



    Project: Research

  14. Emerging infectious diseases

    Read, J.

    1/10/17 → …

    Project: Research

  15. Ageing Playfully

    Bingley, A. & Tsekleves, E.


    Project: Research

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